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New SEO App
The software helped me and other SEO Experts  to promote online  dozens of sites 
If you want to showcase what your software website is all about, then find promising results through our software link building service. SEO Administrator is a powerful SEO Software which brings together a set of SEO Tools for website optimization and as well as promotion. The SEO block itself includes SEO analyzers and SEO optimization software.
 Software main functions and features: 
1. Registration, Article publishing and record management of published articles. 
[Image: hexseosoft7-300x121.png] 
2. Smart Managment interface for multiple projects tracking and monitoring. 
Supports All major blogging and CMS platforms Including Support the mainstreaming of single-user, multi-user type of public program (Professional Edition station group module) two dozen, including ZBlog, Wordpress, Wordpress Mu, DedeCms weaving dreams, Empire CMS, Php168, dynamic and easy CMS, Bo-BLog, PJ blog, RY CMS, KingCMS, ActCms, SDCMS, the new cloud CMS, PhpCms2008, OBLOG4, OBLOG3, PBDigg, LxBlog blog, SocialEngine: Sina blog, blog network, 163 Netease blog, Sohu blog, Baidu Space, Phoenix blog. Dolphin CMS, Oxwall ,,,,,,,,, blog.fc2. com, blog.zoznam.SK,,,,,,,,Discuz,,,,,,,,,,,,, 
[Image: hexaseosoft3png-300x167.png] 
3. Registration and profile management for major Forum engine including PHPBB, Vbulletin, SMF engine.With function, you can post updates about your products and services in hundreds of relevant forums to your business/websites. 
[Image: hexseosoft4-300x151.png] 
4. Station group management features: With hexaseo, you can easily manage hundreds of websites or blog swarm, is not a problem. 
5. The content research and gathering function: HEXASEO's content research and gathering function easily download keyword relevant content for research and new essay writing.8. automatically search resources, self-updating database features: Google and Baidu, the software can automatically crawl the URL address and verify the storage resources. Users can easily update their own address database, and according to their needs, their own custom crawl rules. 
[Image: hexseosoft5png-300x171.png] 
6. Other features and SEO query many auxiliary functions: Hexaseo software is packed with features for SEO experts, such as the PR value   query, keyword ranking query, the software supports several  queries including Baidu Google Yahoo and Yandex, keyword density tool, data backup and local backup server to automatically set the Links, export user home address, website URL validation, and clean-up functions, proxy server management and more.  
[Image: hexseosoft6-300x168.png] 
7. Server/ client interface one Server station can follow, monitor and manage the work of multiple workers/users via the network. 
[Image: hexaseosoft2-300x143.png] 
With HexaSEO app, your future project will be successful
visit hexaseo  
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